Why is the most useful Explorer shortcut (rename element, F2) besides the least useful one (Help, F1)??
And why does Help open in the browser? Not the default one, but EDGE.
Fuck them. I'll find a way of disabling F1 one day...

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    There's AutoHotkey for you.
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    Shit man, didn't even know the f2 shortcut... Never took the effort to look them up I guess. It's a great one though!
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    @NEMESISprj Are you function-key-fucking kidding me?!
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    @Cyanide I could've figured it out tbh, I constantly use f2 in my IDE to rename files
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    @NEMESISprj Well then you know the shortcut.
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    It is ironical that F1 is assigned to help
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    Um.. There's always an option to beat the shit out of F1 making it fall out, hence less chance to actually press it..
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    @sladuled Convincing.
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    @kamen I already have it (for renaming extensions without having to use the mouse). I should see how to do that, have you done something similar? Like, is it possible to do?
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    @c3r38r170 Hahhaha, you now have a terminator keyboard!!
    F1 will not be back!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣😇
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    @c3r38r170 Fully possible, yes. It's as simple as this:

    #If WinActive("ahk_exe explorer.exe")
    MsgBox, Hello, world!

    You can use Window Spy (accessible from the context menu of the script's icon in the tray) to look at exes and classnames to make these directives.

    Also try the latest release of PowerToys, it also has the ability to remap keys on a per-app basis.
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    @kamen Interesting, interesting. Definitely gonna try.
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