Apartment renovation is pain in the ass. Everything is so analog.

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    I wish it was Like Minecraft
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    See it as an way to relax.

    Gardenings the same.
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    @IntrusionCM amen to that!

    Apt renovation was one of the most exciting projects I had recently! I had such a great time!

    It's like refactoring the code when you have great behavioral tests coverage!
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    I’m trying to get a “smart furniture” business together. I’m at the prototype phase with a few good PoCs.

    And as I’m worrying about fleet provisioning for firmware updates to a coffee table... I’m kind of rethinking if an analog coffee table wasn’t better.

    I mean an analog coffee table couldn’t back up your iPhone photos... but it didn’t need an update cycle or WiFi either...
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi i don't get the smart trend.

    Things like wireless charger in an Sofa or eg an integrated USB panel - OK.

    But this whole "everythings needs to be micromanageable and connected" is just... Wrong?

    It seems to me people are just so bored they need to invent shit to keep them busy.
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    @IntrusionCM 25 years ago the thought of needing a smartphone in everybody's pocket was preposterous... and only a few elite had bag phones in their cars or maybe a brick phone. And here we are.

    There's already high demand for smart things. Everything from lightbulbs to fridges can be managed from that very phone nobody (who isn't filthy rich) predicted would become this ubiquitous.

    However, all these smart things rely on the various "clouds" of companies who's ethics are now beyond a doubt watery at best and are contributing to stress on global democracy at worst.

    My aim is to bring onboard NAS and internet connectivity to my smart devices, bringing the cloud to the end users home. Essentially using this coffee table as the user's own smart hub then connect that to a Web portal they can do the things they like, share photos or messages.

    IDK, maybe it will take off, maybe it won't but I think there is a desire to have smart IoT devices, but also a desire to avoid the cloud.
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi yes and no.

    I think I'm a special case, maybe because I've got more screws loose than tightened.

    I'm terrified of the thought that something needs an Inet / Intranet / LAN connection to work.

    I like old stuff that works.

    I like stuff that works non automatic.

    And by terrified I mean terrified. It took quite a time to get used to the fact that some friends have an Alexa / Siri / Google device and I still feel uncomfortable when sitting in a room with them.

    There's just so much that makes my head say "Nope" that I cannot even pin point a concrete thing.
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi At the end it all depends if it will save you time or entertain you.
    Phones save time and provide entertainment.
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    Ha ha my wife also think so. Whenever I want to start a renovation and to get rid of old flooring plus paint the ceiling she starts yelling I disturb her and maybe I'd better blow off))
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    Really? Then you have a good chance to live with this kind of grandmother's design till the rest of your life. But honestly, I work at home and till I found https://thwindowsdoors.com/oakville... I had also thought like your wife. But in the end of the day they were so quick to replace our windows, that a couple of nights in the hotel didn't hurt me at all.
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