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    Wow Satan calm down.
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    Not everything comes to the developer, most of the stuff goes straight to the dbs or data warehouses. But yeah stuff like this is a great way to mess with the IT if they happen to pick your particular form out of million other forms
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    This is exactly what I had come across one time when I was building a node application 😂
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    Me to like every client:

    "Those are Android emojis."

    Is this the right answer? Of course not. Do you want to stand there and explain the difference between ISO-8859-1 and UTF-8, and why when text is converted from one to the other some characters don't translate to some fucking moron?

    Do you want to try to get them to pay you the two hours it's going to take to round up some PHP or perl script to search and replace your entire DB?

    No, you don't... so they're fucking Android emojis.

    You all got that? We are all, from this day forward... telling everybody they're Android emojis.
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    I work a lot around encodings and not just one but quite few different ones, some send data to us and in beginning of file they declare encoding what they use and quite many times the data they have send isn't even that encoding, they are claiming to send.

    I would love to kill everyone who isn't using UTF-8, and quite few einvoice standards too cause they have some fucking idiotic encodings enforced in their format, like who the fuck decided it's good to use some ISO-8859-1 or any other... UTF-8 has been fucking standard almost 2 decades in linux, ffs.

    In anyone believes that there is actually some use to use any other that UTF-8 can shovel they're own head on their own ass. Thanks
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