my two friends and i might start an app/web development service.

the question is: how are three high school kids going to find clients that are ok with high school kids maintaining their apps & websites?

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    At least here, it's not actually legal.
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    @SortOfTested what isn't legal, specifically?
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    Nothing saying you can't - check local laws.

    But do make sure you set the perception bar early, Otherwise your going to be delivering "X" to your clients and they are going to be expecting something that's from a well established business and get handed... something that doesn't meet expectations.

    But hey, don't let that stop you!

    Start on fiver/ freelancer/ small business in your area and build out from there, also.... get a lawyer!
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    As long as they are doing it for really cheap, clients won't have any problem.
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    If you're developing an for a specific client I'd say to make it cheap, I don't think there's another way. If you want to make something more like an app as a service, where you have multiple clients using the same app, you have to get the app done and then find some clients, but before doing that do some market research.

    I'd say an app as a service would be more profitable/better. Subscription based payments are gonna keep cash flowing in no matter how much time you spend fixing bugs and shit and you don't have to obey to any single client's wishes (though it's good to try to fulfill requests, since they're your clients and without them you don't have a business, obviously).

    Disclaimer: I know jack shit about this kind of stuff, so take my advice with a grain of salt. I only have one client for about a year now and I regret it (because reasons, I ranted enough about that already).
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    Also as others said, check your laws. I'm just guessing here but I think if you're at least 16 you're probably good in most countries.
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    Here specifically: anyone under 18 would be classified as child labor without parental dispensation and then can only work part time.
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    @SortOfTested @neeno we are seniors and are or will be 18 soon, so that's not an issue
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