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    Just enjoy your god damn job while it lasts.
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    🚩 I'll be back.
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    You've got to remember that "senior" means a very different thing to different companies. It can mean "been here a while", "manage a team", "expected to mentor others", "expected to get up to speed without help", "have 3 years experience", or anything else. I've moved jobs before from a "senior" position to non-senior, and it's been one hell of a promotion in practice despite seeming worse on paper.

    Some companies are increasingly scrapping the term entirely because of the above reasons.

    Beyond that, no, it's not bad. You've picked two one sided YouTube videos from people who have negative things to say - and of course that'll be the case, it's not for everyone. But I love it personally. As you move up in this industry you generally have more freedom to work on what you want, better pay, more influence over what you work with, and the ability to shape others just coming through. It's not perfect of course, but, providing you enjoy it, you could do a hell of a lot worse.
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    Video 1: a sob story about a non compete clause that bit daddy in the ass years later.

    Sorry, couldn't force my self to watch that any further.
    Contracts suck balls, I have a non compete, and all code regardless if it's for the company or not that I work on belongs to the company clause - corporate sucks ass sure but no one forced you to sign it.

    Do I care? No.
    will I compete, I doubt I'll be in a position to compete with this place anyway.

    Video 2: umm - doing mundane tasks and staying informed about what the team, and other teams are doing... is kinda that job description.

    Anywho, yes Corporate can suck a dick, and if your in it for the money, then this career isn't for you. This is a career of learning, generally multiple skillsets, taking responsibility for yourself and others, and mentoring those below you to be better then yourself. - I know I'm a strange one with crazy ideas but yea.
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