I have my first internship interview tomorrow .....
What should I wear?
And any tips?

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    What industry?

    Dev at finance or anything related dress more elegant, most of other industries haven't any dress code. Well, I don't want to make you more nervous, but asking this sounds like you didn't properly research about the company you going for.

    Good luck :)
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    @tpiekarski i still need to research that fully. But no finance. I software engineering. they make software solutions for other companies
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    Sounds like a collar shirt type of deal. Good luck :3 hope you don't need it.
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    There's also software engineering in finance (coding money, you know).

    Try to check if they've got fb or google+. That's always a good way to take a look how it's inside.
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    Always wear a suite and tie!
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    Formal dress is a must!
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    @tpiekarski thanks, good tip.
    They wear a mix of professional looking casual clothes.
    So I went with the same
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    @zombie01 how'd it go?
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    @tpiekarski I won't know till tomorrow
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    @zombie01 did you got it?
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    @tpiekarski i did not.
    I didnt list enough reasons why I wanted to work for them.
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    @zombie01 What? Not enough reasons to work for them? What the hell? You bring valueable time with you, you are curious to learn and I am sure you're not dumb and you've got already some know-how. And due to going for an internship you'll work there for a reasonable low cost.

    They should give _you_ enough reason to join them.

    I'm sure you've got already more opportunities, perhaps go for a real job instead :)
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