javafx be like (again)

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    Feel free to offer a PR
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    @netikras god I love how people always agressively answer with "fix it yourself then" when I post screenshots of issues that have been open on their bugtracker for multiple years with no statusupdates whatsoever which clearly indicates bad project management
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    @qTLz9XS god I love how people get stuff for free, are angry when that free stuff doesn't do things exactly the way they want and blame tge authors/mainrainers for not fixing all the bugs they [people] come across on their free time, i.e. when they are resting after a work day or spending quality time with family.

    It's like "how dare you give smth broken for free!"

    don't you just love thst too? :)
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    @netikras dont cut yourself with that sarcastic cringy edge
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    @zemaitis fight fire with fire ;)
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    @netikras You are fighting a spark with a flamethrower, thats why its cringe :D
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    @netikras it's more about it having been open on their bugtracker for literally 6 years. I know it can be hard to write and maintain software, and maybe I overreacted a bit; It just makes me sad that javafx which is a great platform imo gets so little support :(
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