I always write a Google Doc before I start developing a feature to help me think what and how should I implement it and so I can share it with the team.

It is possibly the most frustrating process of the whole development cycle because Word and Google Docs still manage to make it a fuckin ordeal to insert a simple image without bombing the whole text to hell. How is it that after almost 30 years of history it is still shit to write a document?

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    Why not use markdown or rst and commit it in the docs folder?
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    @alexbrooklyn mostly because we store all docs and files like that in a shared Google Drive account. Once it has been implemented we use fancier documentation like you say. But yeah, it would be nice to start with that directly
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    I switched to One Note for that particular stage of planning.
    Idk how nice it plays with GDrive though...
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    I feel the pain. We use word for all our design docs. Last one I inserted an image and it fucked up the whole documents indentation...and wouldn't let me undo it. Microsofts always thinking they know what I want, just do only what I tell you to
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    @gparral my tipp give www.notion.so a try. It's a collaborative team software in the shape of markdown note taking app. It supports plant uml diagrams.

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    @alexbrooklyn How do you handle local image files in a markdown document that you want to upload to a shared documents folder? One folder per markdown document with a bunch of separate image files and a markdown file?
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    Me doing virtual schooling with my two kids.

    Watching people drop out and go back to in-person learning because they can't figure out how to edit a fuckin PDF.

    Realize fate of humanity is now tied to their ability to create and edit a PDF.

    Realize we're fucked.
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    @jiraTicket yup, separate asset folders. Our team hates everything that can not done as code
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