Dude reverse engineered mcdonalds API to filter out which mcdonalds have ice machine broken https://twitter.com/rashiq/status/...

Result: https://mcbroken.com/

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    Gotta say, that's cool as fuck.
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    Should've done the icecream machine..

    Edit: Oh, actually it is icecream machines..sweet!! (:
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    @sladuled sorry i misspelled bcs in my language ice and icecream has same word
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    Why US only? 😢
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    @zemaitis Hehe, no worries..
    I'm just reeeeally crazy about 🍦..& was disappointed a bit until I opened a link..
    // my nickname means 🍦btw.. 🤣😇
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    Will someone do one for BurgerKing too ?
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    Don't they just have 2 ?
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    Not all heroes wear caps !
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    Meanwhile, mcdonalds data analysts:

    "Somehow we have an instant countrywide uptick of 20% in placed icecream orders for October, but no increase in sales"

    Managers: "We must convert these lost users! Quickly, make an A/B experiment in which we target half of the country with icecream ads!”

    Half of the US:

    "Why do I exclusively see icecream ads on YouTube?"
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    @nonox works for me in germany
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    Such a madlad
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