For those of you that want to work in Unity3D, there's an exhausting interviewing process ahead of you. I totally feel like

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    Well, actually, I didn't notice same interviewing with Godot, if any. Let's hope these pesky evaluators don't get their hands on it.
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    @F1973 The salary was too low. My parents told me they will disown me if I lower myself to that.
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    @NickyBones I hope they meant that in a good way
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    @NickyBones Christ that got ouf of hand quickly
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    @F1973 I have an interview in a few days. See how it goes :)
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    I have to say they are quick with their process. I did a screening phone interview on Friday 2.5 weeks ago, then a coding task on Wednesday after, interview with the head of engineering last Monday, and 3 interviews (ML, coding, software engineering) this Friday. And the recruiter sent me an email this morning, to set up a call in the afternoon. Very immediate feedback :)
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