My friend had an awesome idea for an app, but, he doesn't seem interested in doing anything 😑 I should I make the app or do nothing?

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    Sounds like literally everyone who doesn't actually develop apps.
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    Put it this way. Do you have time? Do you get anything worth while from it?

    If the awnser is no on either one that should be the awnser
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    @jckimble I have time and I could gain experience and knowledge along the way, thanks bro, I will do it.
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    Good luck. It would be good if your friend does their share of work.
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    @Jumpshot44 I think I will do all the work
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    Ask him if he's going to do it or not. If not, tell him you do it yourself with no strings attached.
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    Do you need or want it?

    If not, don't.
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    @builes, perhaps he could do marketing stuff. Social media, starting to gather some attention. Building a successful app is not only development, and "idea people"-types are sometimes good at sales.
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    As you said you'll be doing it for experience.
    So you can make it open source, host it on GitHub so we can help.

    PS. Write down ideas like somewhere. Make a collection of idea. It will help sometime.
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