In my country there is a huge economy deflation.
Like 1 year ago 1USD used to be 1500 pounds.
Nowadays 1USD is more like 7800 pounds.

Wait a second let me explain more into details the whole flow.

There are 3 to 4 prices we are being dealing with:
* Official Bank price that refuse to change the base price: 1500 pounds
* Bank ATM machines that exchange your dollars on a 3900 pounds per usd
* Black market: 7800 pounds managed by random mobile apps that spread rumors
* Foreigners currency: the only way to grab your reach dollars.

Long story short:
Whenever you want to win extra cash, you ask any of your relatives to lend you money from any bank in the world ( foreigners currency), try to ask in black market who is willing to exchange, you meet, you check on any mobile app what's the current price and you do the exchange.

So in order buy USD dollars on a low price, devs build 2 mobile apps one that send a POST request to change the amount in DB and a second one fo retrieve this value.
So whenever he want to buy dollars he change the value to the lowest. And whenever you want to sell the dev raise the amount slowly. So far the government has no regulations over developers why? Because the one behind the forensic are at least 60 to 70 years old more like their informations are dead.

So we struggle.

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    Look at it from a different perspective: there's money to be made there buddy!
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    @molaram no my dear that's not how stuff works.
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    @F1973 glad you are here on thia rant.
    Hello buddy
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    @F1973 well yes but i am willing to improve my skills to a whole new level before i continue this process so i can land on a high level job opportunities.
    It needs time i understand but let it be.
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    @F1973 hopefully one day i can pay it back.
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    Damn dude

    Reading about the hyperinflation situation over there, it looks very bleak.
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    why not buy USD with the 1500 price tag and sell it with the 3900 one ?

    (black market sounds like too much troubles)
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    @penless this 1500 price is just virtual. You can't cashout on this price.
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    What kind of DB are we talking about when the apps send that POST request?

    Looks totally scammy
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    1. Get as much dollars as you can
    2. Send a lot of get requests to increase demand
    3. Price gets higher
    4. Sell.
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    @asgs any db on any hosting.
    Most of them use firebase for it
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    @hubiruchi bro what the point of having so much money but they have no power.
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    @Mb3leb bro wouldn't you want to be like a dragon?
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