I don’t know exactly what problems software companies are trying to solve but from some time I started thinking that those are no longer people friendly related problems.

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    I think the larger issue is the race to get users stopped to some extent.

    Now they have their product....users.... so it is a race to exploit them or otherwise code AT them.
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    I keep a folder of elevator ideas tgat dont involve exploiting people.

    My goto is "would I pay for this if it were a service for real?"

    Less than one in fifty ideas survive.

    Try it sometime. 15-30 minutes. One liner ideas. 1. premise (can be free form of "x but for y") 2. whos the customer and why 3. why isnt the need being filled elsewhere.
    Keep going or until the times up.

    Once done, filter out any ideas that you wouldnt pay for.

    Do this every day for 90 days.

    Really exercises a part of the brain that doesnt get enough exercise. market-seeking is a mental habit.
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