It is now 12pm.... Time to get up... Now what should I do today?

Bachelor's life at 30... Dunno if I should be happy or sad that there's no one nagging me to do stuff...

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    It is now 12pm... Been working on the yard and outside drainage with some new drain tile... basically digging a long trench since 6:00am on a Sunday.

    Married homeowner life at 40. Dunno if I should be happy or sad that there's both wife and children, and the house itself, all nagging me to do stuff...
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    It is always difficult to satisfy Human Brain no matter what
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    It is now 1PM, I woke up about an hour and a half ago and have been watching youtube in bed while procrastinating a few assignments due in 2 days.

    CompSci student life at 19. Not sure if I should be happy for not having to worry about stuff that much or sad for being a useless piece of shit.
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    Parent here, be happy....
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    @asgs Yeah, adaptability comes at a price.
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    Why should it be sad? You've avoided the common trap and you're free
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    @iiii no gf,wife, significant other?
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    @donuts same, yes.
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    @iiii I meant that felt like the problem.

    Someone else to talk to, share the work with... Keep me on a normal schedule
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    @donuts why is it a problem?
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    @iiii well for 1 my apt would look less messy.

    And if have a bit more free time.

    And well cost of living would be divided by 2. Then again I'm throwing money at the stock and lately been losing quite a bit.... Down $1000 today....
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    @donuts you'll be sharing costs only if your girlfriend won't be a parasite, which happens
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