Has anyone ever taken on a project where you dont know what you are getting yourself into, and then start it and going down the rabbit hole of docs and then at some point ask yourself "what the f u c k am i doing?"

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    Several times a day.
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    wait, are you implying that is not the default way to do a project?
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    Took on a pro IoT project after spending about 20 minutes googling AWS docs and deciding "meh, it looks like it just passes JSON"... I can do this.

    It is... slightly more complex than that... although tbh at its core, shit does just pass JSON back and forth.

    I'm now reasonably good with both the device side (ESP32 & RaspberryPi 0,3,4 mostly) and the AWS IoT Core management... and using AWS Lambda to run IoT "unit tests" of sorts. And, of course, with making web and mobile software to consume the data exposed by AWS IoT.

    I'm an "end-to-end" IoT developer... whatever the hell that means. I just made it up.
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    This basically happens, every damn time I have to do anything related to WordPiss. It just sucks out my will to live.
    Every single time there is something failing in WP and the estimated 4 hour get stretched into 3 days.
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    Wait. You got docs?!
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    I just pass the docs to junior devs and let him do the initial planning. Then improve on his ideas. 😁
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    Every single job I have ever held, save one.

    Why did I leave that place, again? 🤦🏻‍♀️
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    My favorite part is when I'm researching X so I can fix Z because it was blocking me from doing Y which is needed to do A because it broke B.
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