Normally it’s the weekend but recently it’s just so stressful!

It’s like you can’t even relax because you’re supposed to be preparing for the week ahead!

It doesn’t feel like the weekend anymore!

Why is planning and prioritizing
So MF Hard for me!?!!!!

Why did my brain cope with stress and trauma by simply checking out & spacing out!?

I got so good at it that I find it hard to bring my focus back—it takes soooo much effort to do what i need to do

I’m So Freaking TIRED.

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    Me, too.
    Absolute, overwhelming fatigue.
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    You seem stressed out. Take a week off. Go for a walk. Exercise/meditate. Get 8h of uninterrupted sleep. Disconnect. Burnout is a real thing. Seek help if you need it.
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    @SuspiciousBug if only it were that simple
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    @EDragon I feelz this all the days of the week!
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    At least you sound as if you are organised. For me, I had trouble focusing on the preparation part while unable to relax properly due to my interests in some of my other leisurely activities like games. I know this sounds cliche, but I found a little book called 'a little book of mindfulness' (literally named as such) in a random store. It DOESN'T have essays but one or two wise pieces of advice on each page. It has been surprisingly helpful in sorting out my restless mind though I am not even an avid reader. I don't know how long the productive effect will last. I will try to update the author name.... I keep 'forgetting' it.
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    Chill, man.
    Seems like you're taking unnecessary stress.
    I just roam around, or sleep on Sunday. Leave Monday thinking to Monday.
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    @byteOverBits sadly not ever in the history of words have I heard of anybody feeling more relaxed after they’re told to “Chill”
    Of course I’m only basing my hypothesis from personal experience and I could very well be wrong
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    @E108 Im sorry that sucks
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    @Lelouch that’s good to know!
    And I’m not organized at all I wish!
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    @EDragon definitely, you're right.
    You can skip that 'chill' part and follow the rest. 🙂

    we mustn't always focus to be right. The chill thing was just to make you feel cam. If even that seems to stress you out, maybe that's partially a reason that you worry about Mondays on Sundays.
    Again, chill. 😁
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    Sunday night, sitting in a hotel room, trying to catch up on specs I didn’t write on my week off.

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    Dive deeper, what's there to prepare really? Laundry? You can do that on Monday too. For me, when i really start look at things, they don't matter that much. It's often the feeling that I have to that wears me, but not the real tasks at hand. To help me remember, i put in tasks/reminders on Sunday that i should try and relax xD that's my goal of the day, it's "selfcare sunday" :)
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    @s-aargh I guess it is also the anticipation of the upcoming week and knowing I don’t know what I’m doing.

    Not so much laundry, I am referring to things like sending letters to close my dads accounts since he died and I’m the oldest daughter so I have to take care of this stuff right after I just finished dealing w a two year long divorce.

    It gets pretty heavy so I didn’t include the entire context but trust me when I tell you it feels like crap
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    heres what I do.I take a day. Not planned. Just one day of the week.

    I do nothing. I accept no obligations. I do not get out of bed until ready.

    And I get to do whatever the fuck I want on this day.

    And the day in question is sunday. This day is holy.

    And not because of any religious concerns.

    It's holy because I draw a sacred circle around my sanity, of which no fucks will be allowed to enter, leave, or be given.

    Neighbors house is on fire across the street? Any other day im literally running to make sure no dogs (or people) are gonna die.

    Not my problem.

    Your grandma needs a ride to the apple pie bake? Any day. But not sunday. Sorry grandma, walkings good for your health!

    Concerns? BLIP, shut off.

    And thats what you need right now. How do I know when I never met you and don't know anything about you?

    Because I do. And I am telling you what you need to do is have an off day.

    Go do it.
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    @EDragon I'm sorry to hear, that's a big lot to handle. I understand it's crap :/
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