Front-end hacking is pure dog shite.
Some banana fuckers changed a forms plugin for PukePress some odd years ago and now I am responsible, after installing 2 major releases, to make it behave and look the same as it did before.
I'd rather dangle in a noose than cleaning up their spaghettified CSS selectors and random jokeQuery code.

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    The CSS !important attribute works when passed through jquery’s css() method...

    Just puttin’ that out there.
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    On second thought... just use jquery $('body').addClass("dumbfuck") to append a class to the body tag... for our purposes the class .dumbfuck.

    Then, back in the CSS file, you can override anything with specificity by prepending each control's CSS definition with body.dumbfuck
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi Yes, I know how it works. It was more about the stupidity of this other company botching in their overspecified CSS in a completely brainless way. 😅
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