It's not about which language to pick or which problem to solve. It starts with thinking like a programmer.
I think that this guy educates quite well: https://youtu.be/azcrPFhaY9k

TLDW: Write your problem in English first and then translate that into simple code, not the other way around. If it does not work, you told the wrong things to the computer; its not the computer failing.

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    This is the best piece of advice to give beginners I could ever think of.

    I see so many classmates struggling with algorithm development trying to write the code before they understand the problem and think of what steps to take.
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    @neeno yes, I was thinking of some rant of a beginner, learnt python, tries now with cpp I guess and you, @neeno, also commented on it. I want him to see that video, but I can’t find that rant anymore.
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    @saucygames05 here you are, maybe that helps 👍🏽👍🏽
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    @neeno I have a friend who shows me her code, and I wonder if she thought about what she was writing before she wrote it, or not. When I help her with her coding, I often ask her to stop speaking in code and explain, in English, what she wants her program to do.
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