I love it.
I'm a geek, and a nerd,
I love everything that computers,
I love electronics, physics, even mathematics,
I love thinking, solving problems, learning new things.

And programming is all of those combined, I love it with a passion.

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    I had that kind of passion for it once.. 😔
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    Confess to her, it's right time.
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    I used to feel this way, too. Then I discovered just how many awful things amoral people make technology do, and how difficult it is to escape them.

    Now I rather dislike computers, not because of what they are, but because of what people have turned them into. They were supposed to be tools of freedom and automation and creation; instead, they are now devices designed to spy on and control every single aspect of our lives — and to turn us against one another should it be beneficial.

    And these tools are supposed to define our future?

    I, for one, am absolutely terrified.
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    @Root *claps* *in tears* What a beautiful poem

    In all seriousness tho a lot of technology and inventions are like that, look at what people created with the power of the atom, which remind you can be the cleanest, and ironically safest energy source but look at us erasing people from existence as if we're freeing memory back to the OS
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    @SoldierOfCode Thanks.

    Nuclear weapons are at least overt; with technology you can control as much, and as quietly as you like.
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