Recently I've decided to start using music streaming services insted of my local library
It's because I use ubuntu and setting up iTunes through wine is hell

So the thing is that, although Spotify supports using local files ubuntu 20.04 client crashes when I try to add a music source
Also i"m afraid i"m unable to add local music to my playlists

I live in Belarus and some music is blocked (or censored only) for me, so I really need to have access to local files

Is there even a point of using Spotify then? I like the UI, the automatic playlists and the speed, but music availability is crucial for me

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    Also rhythmbox can't replace is not enough for me

    It's not that pretty and the functionality is poor compared to Spotify
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    @alert tried audacity yet? It's a WinAmp of Linux :)

    Clementine? Used to be my favourite.

    DeadBeef? if you need it as simple as it gets.

    FFS, there is VLC that can be skinned and dressed any way you like [assuming you find the skins you like]
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    Why did you decide to use streaming services instead of local files?

    I agree the automatic playlist generation and music discovery is 👍🏻 but I don’t like the idea of downloading the same songs repeatedly.
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    @Root you can cache music if you need to, so there is no problem
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    Who the hell would even want to touch iTunes if they don't own apple devices.
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