!rant very happy to see a development at my uni towards having programming(+related courses) being more and more examined throughout the course through assignments and seminars where you have to explain what you did and why. I think this is a much more suitable solution for some courses best done with practise than having a paper based exam.

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    "you have to explain what you did and why"

    Amen, I care less about if someone thinks my code is good as I do feedback on how they do it, how I do it, and other ideas.
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    This works very well with programming, but the downside is that if you miss a deadline, you are immediately punished. If you miss too many, you have to retake the whole course next year. That can happen if you got sick or simply have other stuff to do. If there was just an exam, you could simply retake it.
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    @electrineer that's true but also relates to the uni's and courses rules+layout at my uni there's always a make up lab if you missed something and depending on the course there's not always more retake exams than one per year which neglects the difference.

    But yes that does happen that people kinda have to repeat a course because of a failed lab
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