Don’t think I have a reason to be a developer anymore

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    Career change?

    Profile or role change?
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    Existence? 😂 I dunno. Something needs to change
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    Same here. Sadly, it's 80% of my life, without it I'm nothing.

    Do you have something else you like that you can do for a living?
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    @rooter not really. Been trying to start a few business ideas but it’s been difficult with COVID. Might try and few others and see where they get me. How about you?
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    @bashleigh I don't work for two years now. Had a psychosis in the end of 2018. Recovered in a year but my values changed (in a good way). But what also changed is my faith in this job. It seemed that my absence did not matter at all. Pretty sad fact for a workaholic. So, it kinda doesn't matter what I do! With this great mindset I thought, I gonna deliver groceries for a living. It is less than half of my previous income but it is very social and needed in these times. But it has its downsides.

    In the end, I'll probably keep on programming. Not anymore because I love it since I'm eight years old but for the money and other benefits. I'm about to become well paid slave. I have to decide quick, I'm almost bankrupt.

    Sorry for this huge emo answer 😂 I'm doing well actually 😂 But I don't know what to do anymore. Many people have it, but for me it's just new and I underestimated the issue.


    NO 😂
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    @rooter that’s doesn’t sound good :( sorry you’ve had that. Yea it’s like that everywhere. Companies really don’t care about their employees anymore. They’ll replace anyone in a heartbeat. Least you’ve moved onto something else, are you enjoying it?
    You can always try going solo :) I think I’m going to try it but I’ve been saying that for years 😂
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    @rooter You saw that working to gain respect from your employer or coworkers wad not worth it. I guess you should find a project you think is worth working for on its own. Or another option is to work for money and find the reason for your life elsewhere.
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    @bashleigh I'm still moving, motivational issue. But when almost bankrupt, motivation will come i guess 😂

    Doubting about care in the company. I don't know. In someway, everyone should have seen i wasnt doing alright long before it happened. After it went wrong, I did get support and later a huge back of money. The support was good and the bag of money, meh, they just have that.

    I never wanted to go solo. You should totally try, you can go back any day. What is holding you back?

    @electrineer I love ukraine, wanted to move there straight before it happened. Came there for many years for business. It's the dream! Moving looks like the biggest project in earth now while I did it many times. Maybe I just leave the stuff here, bye 😂
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    @rooter least you got some support!
    Well! 😂😂 I’ve just had a massive nudge in that direction! They let me go because I did what I was told! (I think their budget has been decreased) so they got rid of me yesterday evening. Then by 2am I had signed 2 NDAs and looking at building 2 apps! Looks like I’m starting my solo project! I’ve also got 5 people that want social media marketing so I guess I’ve just started a digital agency type thing!
    Scared now but what do I have to lose!
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    @bashleigh sorry to hear but no hard feelings about it? How did you sign two nda's at 2am? 😂 Well, I accepted a job offer once in a bar so I can imagine 😁

    What kind of app will it be and what technologies will you use?
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    @rooter it’s alright. I wanted to go really but didn’t want the hassle of finding a new job etc. Feel a bit bullied but fuck it. I’m going to concentrate on going forward now!

    I think I’ll build it in react native even though I’d rather I didn’t. Picking that because it’s quick and familiar.
    I messaged a friend that knew of 2 people that needed projects started! Haven’t heard from the other one yet
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    @bashleigh I don't have experience in app development but I did write a simple app in android studio communicating with a rest api. I was surprised how easy it is. So, if you don't want to go react, try it. I think you'll be amazed how far you can get with a day playing
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