Don’t think I have a reason to be a developer anymore

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    Existence? 😂 I dunno. Something needs to change
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    @rooter not really. Been trying to start a few business ideas but it’s been difficult with COVID. Might try and few others and see where they get me. How about you?
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    @rooter that’s doesn’t sound good :( sorry you’ve had that. Yea it’s like that everywhere. Companies really don’t care about their employees anymore. They’ll replace anyone in a heartbeat. Least you’ve moved onto something else, are you enjoying it?
    You can always try going solo :) I think I’m going to try it but I’ve been saying that for years 😂
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    @rooter You saw that working to gain respect from your employer or coworkers wad not worth it. I guess you should find a project you think is worth working for on its own. Or another option is to work for money and find the reason for your life elsewhere.
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    @rooter least you got some support!
    Well! 😂😂 I’ve just had a massive nudge in that direction! They let me go because I did what I was told! (I think their budget has been decreased) so they got rid of me yesterday evening. Then by 2am I had signed 2 NDAs and looking at building 2 apps! Looks like I’m starting my solo project! I’ve also got 5 people that want social media marketing so I guess I’ve just started a digital agency type thing!
    Scared now but what do I have to lose!
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    @rooter it’s alright. I wanted to go really but didn’t want the hassle of finding a new job etc. Feel a bit bullied but fuck it. I’m going to concentrate on going forward now!

    I think I’ll build it in react native even though I’d rather I didn’t. Picking that because it’s quick and familiar.
    I messaged a friend that knew of 2 people that needed projects started! Haven’t heard from the other one yet
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