Should we fight RIAA? I think we shouldn't even acknowledge its existence.

Every zoomer knows where to get every type of content they want. Every zoomer knows where to get it for free. This is what I always strive for — to make walking over RIAA our culture, to walk over RIAA without even knowing RIAA exists. Zoomers really pay for digital shit only when they feel like it. If something is "taken down", zoomer still gets it in like thirty seconds, maybe two minutes maximum if the thing wasn't popular. This became the basic internet skill and oh how I like it.

For every problem they make, we invent a solution. We have the fundamental and unbreakable principle of the analog hole (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/...) AND the smartest people on our side, they only have the greediest.

We don't have to take down RIAA and others. We don't have to fight — we already won.

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