What would be some good interview questions for a software QA candidate? as a dev myself, I've mainly interviewed other devs. I have a sense of what makes a good QA candidate, but I'm seeing a lot of QA CVs don't have development experience on them.

Background: In my group at work it's manual QA right now and we could use someone to also help lay down standards, which I could turn into requirements for test frameworks.

Had one interview already but I don't think it went that well, so I'd like to be more prepared.

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    Ask him or her if he/she finds this joke funny:

    A QA engineer walks into a bar. Orders a beer. Orders 0 beers. Orders 99999999999 beers. Orders a lizard. Orders -1 beers. Orders a ueicbksjdhd.

    First real customer walks in and asks where the bathroom is. The bar bursts into flames, killing everyone.

    Humour is important when your job is to pick on peoples work. :)
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    I would not join this company, this is just cringe.

    Ask him about his testing flow - how he starts, what is important in the ticket.

    How ask he would test dishwasher/shower, check if he is asking any questions.
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    Focus on human interactions in your questions.
    Ask him to describe a bug he found, how he documented it - and how he followed through to make sure it was fixed. Did he work with the dev on it? how was the work with the dev? did he learn new things?

    Also - and very important: ask how he thinks the interaction could be improved in the future. Make sure he feels he has someone that will listen.
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    @triceraptor It was a joke..
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