I don't get why people use light theme on their IDE/browser/etc.. I mean its painful to see.
I use dark mode on everything, even the Google main page with a custom CSS.
also I don't know why, as my experience, people with light theme tend to be smarter than we darksiders.
This rant will not end well.

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    It depends on your environment. If it's bright, go for a light theme. It'll ease the strain on your eyes.
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    For the nth time - if a light theme feels too bright for comfortable use, it's your monitor that's too bright for your environment. If it's too much of a hassle to reach for the buttons on the monitor, there are apps that can control its hardware brightness through software - search for 'DDC' - and some of those can even automate changes throughout the day or based on an ambient light sensor.

    As for IDE/editor themes - I personally prefer dark themes because to me, different colours stand out better on a medium grey background than on a light one, and it might even be true for the same contrast ratios, but I haven't measured that. And by "dark" I don't mean terminal green text on #000 background but rather something like devRant's theme.
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    @Jilano the environment is super light so to contrast it I use dark theme, that's the point.
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    @kamen man i got screen brightness around 10/100, with a dark theme feels like home.
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    People with light themes are on the bright side of the spectrum, obviously.
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    I don't understand why fucking nerds give a shit what other people use when it comes to software.

    Couldn't be me.
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    because people can like things that you don't
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    I using light theme in Atom. Dark theme needs some backlight to not hurt my eyes.
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    - it generally looks nicer to me
    - used to it
    - helps when working outside like in a caffee and the sun shines too bright
    - keeps me up at night

    Been using it for several years, no vision issues yet ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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    IntelliJ Idea folks: What is a light theme?
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    @Lelouch I use a light theme with IntelliJ. Shoot me.
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    Because it's much more comfortable in daytime.
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    @Stuxnet I care about what other people use because I make what other people use.
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    @F1973 Not that I don’t like attribution but wasn’t I talking about the relationship to why bright is associated with good and dark is associated to bad? On one of those “we need to change the term blacklist because it is racist” posts. Fear of the dark. We are not nocturnal. Etc?

    Or maybe I just say so much that I can’t remember it all.
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    @irene that's kinda outta context but aight.
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    @F1973 Fair. I probably selectively remembered the more controversial thing that I said. I used to do applied arts so I have put a lot of time into how arrangements of photons hitting the eye affects people.
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    @F1973 I’ll spiral into a pit of self doubt when I want to. I don’t need your permission. 🤣
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    Because switching rapidly between a PDF specification that I can't turn dark with CSS and my IDE will lead to headaches.
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