Please don't speak if you don't have anything of value to add. Professional world is not classroom where you get marks for class participation. There's this guy in my team who is supposed to be developer but acts like analyst/PM, talks shit, mostly repeats what other have already said. There's no single meeting where he hasn't spoken or added anything valuable. Hate him.

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    My brain is full and if you start talking I have to make room... please think before you make me delete important things for your BS...
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    There is a style of communication that regurgitates what has been said. This validates the original speaker of this information and lets them know they were heard. It also clarifies that the information was in fact what was originally said. I don't know if this person is doing this or not. Pay attention and watch the reaction of the people who provided this information originally. If they are nodding or showing acceptance of the information then this is what he is doing.
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    @Demolishun yeah.

    Usually that should be the task of the moderator.

    I'd add to your statement that this reflection should be in "own words".

    Without it, a meeting is pretty pointless, as there is no assertion that all information was " processed " by everyone.

    It's the same workflow with a debugging duck - repetition leads to reflection leads to validation / falsification of statements.

    But it should be the moderators task...
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    @IntrusionCM Could also be the brown noser approach. Yeah boss, I know what is going on, here is what is going on, did you hear me say that boss? I dunno, this might be a "you had to be there" experience.
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    @Demolishun yeah. i think that's what the author meant.

    Those kind of people that need a keyboard deepthroat before a meeting to be productively silent.
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    This reminds me of the episode of The Office where Andy Bernard was planning to fit in by name repetition & mimicking body language. xD

    Maybe he’s just trying to make sure everyone knows he’s there? Idk that’s annoying still.
    I’m the “quietly listen & analyze” type—there’s always the “let’s make this a social hangout meeting” type
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    Every team I’ve worked with has one of these. Unfortunately for me my current team has 3. They just like chit chatting, dragging meetings, and wasting everyone’s time. Fortunately we work from home and have our meetings over zoom, so I can simply mute my mic and move on with my life.
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