In India there was an incident yesterday, talk about being careless. A covid tracking app which was promoted in every media, paper and they even changed caller tune of entire nation to let people know and download the same app.

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    Kinda didn’t surprise me doe

    What’s worse is that QR code, it looks horrible
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    I don't get it.
    Some girl who works for a large medicine company created it. She is a genius android dev, i follow her articles. Later many other people worked on it , and later it was open sourced . so what's the fuss about ? Maybe her original company got the contracts as government was themselves throwing promotions about all that china banning and self dependent hype at that time.
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    @yowhatthefuck who developed it is not the issue here. The fact that an app that is being used by millions of people in India and heavily promoted by government, they cannot answer who developed it for them in the first place. They didn't had any information about the developer.

    This right here raises questions and concerns. What if the developer group/company was not trustworthy or they were using app maliciously to gather info. Possibility is endless but in short, government should've had the answer when questioned about the app.
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    That heart has a huge boner - so the app must be really sexy.
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    @Aitkotw that dev is going in conferences talking about how she built it. She has a company tag attached right to her name , which is one of the India's top medical start-ups. Also the app got open sourced in a month amd till date no one has found any hard proofs about data leak or misuse.

    Every answer is right in her videos. The only corruption i see is how her company got the tender for production and that's the same old story : through bribery and cuts.
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    Reminds me of after notebandi when a million fly by night e-wallets popped up in India and so many of them had gaping security flaws (http-only web login on an e-wallet site was my favorite).

    Eventually the police had to tell people to avoid public WiFi, and even judges ended up losing lakhs of money in the scams

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