Me: "So, this is a new way to show to your clients the daily menu using a QR Code and..."

Client: "I like it. I wanna buy it."

Me: "What?"

Client:"This QR-thing. I wanna be the only one using it"

Me:"But you can't buy the QR Code technol..."

Client:"Don't bother me. I want it. And when I want it, I get it. I can pay, you know."

Me: "It's 10$ for every QR Code that we, and only we, will create! But, hey! Shhh!!"

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    Nice comeback. Sell the client barcodes for $7 each and passive RFID chips for $6. But only from you and client must keep this special pricing a secret.
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    @Jumpshot44 Great deal. Write me in private to take your % for this tip. But, hey, shh.
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    How do you most often create qr codes? Through libraries or do you prefer to use services?
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    Where are you) You can easily make a small service to generate qr code. If you take web development as an example, you run a couple of scripts, plug in the library and set everything up. It's not hard.

    Of course, if you want it to do lots of different things, like change the color of the qr code or add a logo. Then you'll have to do some work. But if you want classical creation, the library is enough. No, you google any service for generating qr codes online https://abgl.link/qr-code This is just as an example, and use it, it's like an alternative for you.
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