Boss: we will build mobile app with web app.
Me: absolutely yes.
Boss: you will do the mobile app (iOS)
Me: absolutely , yes I'm iOS developer.
Boss: you will do the android app too, we can't hired an android developer.
Me: absolutely, yes.(but I need to learn it first).
Boss: you will do the web app , it's difficult to find good web developer)
Me: absolutely,yes . I'm Ruby on Rails developer.
After a while........
Me: do I have a bonus ,sir.
Boss: ...............
(there is no response).
Me: ....................

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    Can you get the bonus after completing the project? Good thing is the opportunity to learn Android.
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    It is a very good thing that won't fix other's bugs or rewrite the app once again 👍
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    Almost as bad as "you do computers don't you?" - meaning if it uses electricity you can code/repair/un-jam it!
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    Your boss wants you to be js developer. Then you'll answer affirmatively on any question 😁
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    In Ruby on Rails 5 there will be real-time web socket it's name is (action cable).
    Boss: that's a good thing we won't have to implement Socket IO with NodeJs.
    Me: absolutely , yes sir.
    (But I'll learn it to be more cautious with future apps).
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