I was told back in the 80's I wouldn't have a calculator every where I go... well, guess what mother fuckers, I don't just have a calculator everywhere I go, but it's a full computer, a supercomputer by 1980's standards, and I literally make a living writing fucking software for it...


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    They still tell you this.
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    There are still benefits to learning how to calculate in your head.
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    Mind calculation is a must-have skill
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    There is no silicon heaven? But where do all the calculators go?
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    Being able to make calculations in the head is only a must have when you mean basic stuff.
    If someone can not add up 17 and 13 and needs a calculator, then yes, this is not acceptable.
    But if someone would want me to devide 17 by 13 then I would tell him to fuck off. That is what calculators are good for.
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    I have too much chaos in my head..
    I need to have stuff written down, at least the expression of what I'm trying to calculate, otherwise you get ascii art as a result 🤣🤣🤣😇

    Edit: btw anyone has any idea wtf are they doing?! I don't even know what to google..
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    @sladuled I use partial mult and rounding to do math in head.

    22 x 75

    20 x 70 + 2 x 70 + 20 * 5 + 2 x 5

    Do similar things when adding.
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    My siblings are in primary and this is still said, as well as "it's quicker" even though it's most definitely not quicker beyond addition and multiplication of small numbers and trivial cases of integer division. It's one of those things that teachers say because at some point it was true and they're too dumb or unmotivated to defend their practices in the current situation.
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    @Lor-inc I had the same issues with teachers that didn't understand the difference between a democracy and a republic.
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    @Demolishun I know how this should work, but my mind is weird..
    If I can write 22×75 (or similar) down on paper & look at it, I can get the result, but if I have to keep this in my mind only..nope.. result is potato..
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    @sladuled I only use it if I have to. Most of the time I just use my phone.
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    @Demolishun interesting I couldn't do it that ay in my head. I'd rather do it as

    2 * (10 * 75) + 2 * 75

    Seems easier to me
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    I remember in college when I was chatting to someone behind me. (Might have been a girl..)

    And the teacher was just writing down a 32 bit binary sum to do, whilst talking it out loud.

    He said to me "Are you paying attention..."

    And without turning around, I rattled off the answer from my head whilst everyone else was still typing the question into their calculators. :-)

    (I couldn't afford one..)

    Of course, now I've forgotten how to do all of that, since I don't code in machine code / assembler much these days..
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    @Nanos Neo? Is that you?
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    I still prefer to use a stand-alone 1980's bright LED calculator, since I can see it in the dark and I don't have to wait 30 seconds for it to warm up to use..

    Actually that gives me an idea..

    Backlit keys !

    Related link:

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    Actually, what do you call those keys with a built in display on top ?

    e.g each key is a mini monitor..

    Oh wait, found an example:

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    No good if its not Casio though
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    I see its one of those companies that don't like to mention prices...

    Probably means each key is $100 each !

    Must be something cheaper on Aliexpress..
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    @Nanos I think I had a casio in HS that was like $15. It did everything I needed.
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    @Nanos Binary? That's neat. I have trouble remembering any but base-10 without reading it twice.
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    After 15+ years doing binary stuff by hand, it sinks in. :-)

    Trouble is, not enough room in my head for everything, so its sunk out..

    Now I'm lucky if I can add 1 + 1 !

    Which reminds me, maybe my calculator should be a ruler, then it could have a 65 digit display..
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    Plus a clock, with a calender function..

    And somehow fold in half, since who wants to carry a 30cm calculator in their pocket..

    And, stick solar panels all over it too !

    Fit easily replacable rechargable batteries..

    Held together with screws !

    Did I miss anything.. ?

    Maybe waterproof...

    Since we all spill our breakfast on things don't we..

    And doesn't break easily, since people do like to sit on things by accident..

    FX [ Ponders Titanium ruler.. ]
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    Casio? Blasphemy!
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    "what do you call those keys with built in display on top?"

    spare parts.

    lots and lots of spare parts.

    imagine all the projects you could do from just one keyboard.
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    Just thinking, it would be an ideal project to test out my better than Facebook mousetrap..

    In theory it should only really attract calculator geeks..
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    The TI-82 is a wonderful calculator. Man that device was inseparable to me growing up. It was the closest thing my parents allowed me to have as a computer...

    Now i constantly remind them that:

    * i make a living with an income 6 times the amount they have in a year... Every quarter
    * my head hasn't exploded yet from all this 'computering that will make you autistic and epileptic'
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