Just got a new work laptop last week. An upgrade from a crappy consumer grade piece of shit to a proper business grade 8c/16t laptop feels good.
Also Fedora.

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    What is 16t? 16 tits?
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    @Demolishun Threads.

    @zankar Is this the real shit, without Nvidia crap inside and only the iGPU?
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    @Fast-Nop yep. The real shit. Ryzen 7 pro 4750u. Pretty hard to get and there's no Nvidia bullshit I've been dealing with for way too long now.
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    @Fast-Nop lol, I was thinking it was ram. Doh! I am kinda burnt this week. I just want to go home...
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    @zankar Congrats! Yeah, AMD is completely drowning in demand right now. I'm waiting for my 4700U laptop which should be delivered mid-November. Also no green crap inside, and with Linux.
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    "no green crap inside"

    No Intel? Or no power saving components?
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    i wish i could get this config in a latitude :/
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    @Demolishun Nvidia is known as "team green", Intel is "team blue", and AMD is "team red".
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    @Demolishun The goal is of course to go as red as possible because Nvidia are a bunch of fucking assholes (no OSS driver support at all), and Intel is basically organised crime disguised as CPU vendor. Full score for also avoiding Microsuck and Crapple.
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    @Fast-Nop Lol, my comp is intel and nvidia with windows. Also, I learned that Apple may end up being contender for "best computers" if they pull off arm. I always liked AMD, and Intel losing market share astounds me. I am thinking next lappy will be amd, not sure on gpu though.
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    ❤️ Fedora
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    @Demolishun I've nearly always been AMD except for a Pentium-1 because my AMD 486-120 was too slow for Duke Nukem. But then, a Thunderbird, followed by a Phenom II x6, and now a 3400G.

    Currently, Intel totally has worse products because they decided to drop R&D and bought back stock shares in the last years, indicating that they had no idea on what to do with the money.

    For the GPU - if the iGPU is sufficient, AMD's APUs are superb. Otherwise, AMD has just introduced magnificent desktop GPUs, and let's see how they'll put them into gaming laptops next year, and how the Linux drivers will be.
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    Their drivers for fedora also work well with Nvidia chips, just to note.
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    @Demolishun luckily there's a nipple in the picture
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    You got a Lenovo T14, that means someone at work loves you. Be sure to find out who it is and remember them on Valentine's Day.
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