Hmmm....... Well C has got a point.

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    C++ is inferior to C in every way imaginable
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    Any language should agree that
    `c++ < c`
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    @localpost unless it's ± Infinity or NaN
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    @kiki every way? 👀

    I challenge you!

    # templates #
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    @Geoxion being a language, not a steaming pile of incompatible concepts hopelessly trying to achieve market relevance and being nothing without functionality subsetting to the point when every company that uses C++ technically uses a whole different language.

    Excuse me but we’re done here.
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    I write both, often. I love C. I do, really. I love it more than C++. But I still use C++ for complicated projects such as game engines and applications frameworks because of simple things like constexpr and static_assert - not required of course but they make development a bit more reliable.

    Templates, when used correctly, also simplify a lot of code. I will cede that C++ requires a lot of restraint since it's easy to write bad C++.
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