My failed interaction with a girl:
So I go to a convention at the university.
It's nice I'm having fun, I see a girl dressed as Hermione, she is cute so I go talk to her for a little we joke around I'm really starting to like her. Then I say bye and hang out with friends for the rest of the evening. I see her leaving so I run to her and after catching up to her I ask if I could have her phone number. She says yes and enters her number on my phone. I'm super happy. I excitedly wait for the next day's evening to message her. We message for a while the next day she messages good morning, so I think things are going well, she must like me too right ? I mean we glanced at each other at the convention, she gave me her phone number and messaged good morning so I'm pretty sure she does...

Turns out she doesn't, she says she thought I wanted to be friends...
WHAT ?! FRIENDS ?? Are you 12 ? What friend would run to you to get your phone number and after getting it there would be a stupid grin on his face ??? She looks at 9gag and doesn't know the most overly used meme of "friendzone" ? Unbelievable either she was screwing with me or she is just that socially dense. So after that I'm pretty mad but I don't say any mean things I just accept the fact like a gentleman and carry on with my life. But also feeling depressed after believing we actually had a connection. Ugh I guess back to the coal mines for me huh, stupid conventions 😒

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    You know you actually can "escape from the fruendzone" as they say...especially when the friendship is new/fresh
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    no she wasnt "screwing you" - trust me, 'screwing' is something completely different.
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    Massive respect for even talking to her in the first place, in situations like that I find it hard to just approach random people, so for that you should be commended.
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    @drRoss For me that just depends on the amount of alcohol i've consumed
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    @BlurryF4c3 Haha, even if I was pissed I wouldn't consider it.

    Unfortunately the town I live in is very clicky and randomly walking up to people even in bars and clubs to start a conversation gets you a funny look.

    This of course doesn't help when you go to other towns that are more welcoming.
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    Friends can turn into friends with benefits. Just sayin'.
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    The comments were very funny and supportive thanks guys 😁
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    @xinuxunil Been there, had fun, turned to shit and screwed the friendship. It's not worth it. Easy to say afterwards, unbelievable before.
    It's like telling yourself that you'll stay friends with your ex after breaking up (without drama).
    Give it a month, if things do not tend to grow in the right direction let it be
    Just 'ma 2 cents
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