Code review day 1:

Me: Where are these three templates being used? I don't see any class that uses them.

Him: Oh, yeah. My bad. I'll remove them.

(Time passes)

Him: I don't know what's going on with my branch. Please ignore the PR for now.

(Time passes)

Him: Is there any way for me to get the files from staging. I don't know what I did to my branch.

Me: Hang on. I'll push a copy of the one I have in a new branch.

He declines his PR and stops by to say he's going home but he'll open a new PR tomorrow and remove the unused files.

Code review day 2:

Him: Hey, do you know what happened to my PR? It looks like it disappeared.

Me: You declined it yesterday. Said you'd make a new one today without those extra files.

Him: Ooooh!

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    Yes.... Or even better. Comments in Code via Gerrit... Notification via Email... Sitting in the same room, so just saying personally that if the person has time and the comments are not enough we can discuss in team...

    Two days later manager asks me why I have not yet merged his code. Some coworkers are just fucking ignorant and don't care at all about team work. Critical Comments and the behave like babies who get their teeth....

    Stay strong. Rant on.. XD (needed to vent a bit, reminds me of old QA days)
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