My father is an asshole.

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    or, is he?
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    @theabbie NaπŸ€ͺ
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    He did not bought new mobile to you? It is most common reason.
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    @Lexter Na... He was pretending to listen me while I was explaining some loops in python to him.
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    @Suhaib01 DISASTER! Use plastic bag when he sleeps!
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    @Lexter I was thinking of electric shock
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    Dad, listen to me, when I’m done speaking I have an exam for you to do.
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    @Suhaib01 The human brain has an incredible ability to differentiate signal and noise from stimulus. If someone has no context their brain can literally filter out the stimulus. How long would you be able to focus on a audio book in a language that you don’t speak?

    That is basically my whole experience talking to normal people about tech.
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    @example-user I you have got a point. But it is not only time when I tried to explain him about programming or stuff. I also tried to explain him simple science, he just don't listen and, well, i... Like a fool.... Keep bugging him.
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    But is your asshole a father?
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    No insults?
    No screaming?
    No punching and kicking and pinning?
    No blaming everything on you?
    No destroying your things?
    No made up stories to get you in trouble?

    Sounds nice :)

    To be fair, parents should listen, and at the very least feign interest in their child’s interests; to do otherwise is to be a bit of an asshole.
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    @Root πŸ™ƒπŸ™‚
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