What happens as you accrue years of experience is, you feel as if you learned a lot, actually its yes and no, yes because working in an environment with deadlines teaches things, no because the tech is changing.

The fact is tech is changing every few months if not year, one should be having a baby's curiosity to learn and adapt to the new practices.

When I started my tech career I was having a growth mindset, as I went on I felt somehow I got into a fixed mindset and got frustrated often. It's better late than never to realize that you may get wrong more often than right and learn to have an open mind when working.

Finally always take it easy on yourself, learn and move on.

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    Most jobs have some required yearly learning or certifications...

    But not very many have you completely outdated in your field within 5 years if you aren’t almost constantly learning new tech.
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    @pseudonim Thanks for letting me know. Will do.
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    I'd say web frontend or backend are by far the most extreme examples of tech being outdated every month or so.
    So, it depends.
    But of course you are right. You should always have an open mind and be ready to learn something new.
    If you don't like learning new things, you probably have the wrong job.
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