How difficult is it to find a collaborator for small Open Source initiative?

Fuck Life -_-

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    Did you GPL the project?
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    @Demolishun MIT licensed it
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    @imshravan Good license. Personally I won't work on GPL licensed projects.
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    I am collecting content and learning resources.

    I have added the content from my stack. I am waiting for other stacks as well.. so that other people can freely use it..

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    @Demolishun Would you like to contribute to the repo?
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    @imshravan You should read up on how open source projects achieve a critical mass. It takes quite a bit of work to get a project to the point where people will contribute. People are not looking for things to do without some personal interest. It is how people are.

    I think this article may touch on this a bit:


    I am sure there are articles on how to successfully run an open source project.
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    @Demolishun btw congrats on 9000++
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    Maybe everyone is modifying and distributing your code as closed source because you chose MIT license and that's why you don't get collaboration 😎
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    @Demolishun Why not GPL? Personally I prefer MIT, but why GPL stops you from contributing?
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    Is it javascript? Is it cool? 🤔
    If yes add me....
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    How to choose the correct FOSS license for your project:

    Do you want to be able to improve the project by merging in all the improvements done by other people?
    NO -> MIT license

    Can your project be run productively without distributing it to a customer?
    NO -> GPL
    YES -> AGPL
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    @rodrigograca31 It's a learning resource collection.
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    @Oktokolo thank you for the insight
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    @rodrigograca31 Connect at shravan@ohmyscript.com
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