Mozilla really knows how to nudge one to not use email encryption by default.
Since Thunderbird has native support for OpenPGP encryption, i can only chose to encrypt all or no messages by default. There is no opportunistic mode and there are no per-reciepient encryption preferences. The Enigmail addon had both.
So i obviously have gone for encrypt-by-default.

But since then, whenever i want to send a message to the majority of my contacts, i have to manually disable the encryption or get annoyed by the no-key-found dialog.
I thought, i would get the muscle memory to just disable encryption for recipients for wich i don't expect to have a key.
But they also made the GUI so i have to open a dropdown and then click on the right item to do that. All the items basically look the same, as there is no color coding or specific icon for them. The item labels are also too long for unconscious pattern recognition.
So i didn't got that muscle memory.

I now have turned off encryption by default and will probably forget to enable it for some emails wich i actually could send encrypted...

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    "There is no opportunistic mode"
    which also refers to such necessary feature as "close to tray".

    Outlook, Thunderbird? Nevermind. If your muscle memory fails you just once, you will be sitting the entire day without email notifications, because apparently UX is shit and "X" mark really killed the process instead of sensible minimizing to tray, and of course there is no out-of-the-box option to change behaviour in both programs!
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    It can be minimized to task bar though.
    And my muscle memory knows whether i want to keep something open or not - so it chooses accurately between minimize and close buttons behaving like they always do.
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    @Oktokolo I don't want easy killing the app, plus to press Minimize button you have to move mouse left a bit, while for Close it's just rush onto top right corner. Mailing app shouldn't be as persistent as browser, unless for notifications.
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    I like clicking the taskbar button to minimize an app - no accidental closing there...
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