Guys , i need help about frontend framework and seo

which is the best frotend framework that work good with SEO ?

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    Check server side rendering, that is what you need.

    React has it, the other idk
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    SEO is snake oil. Offer good, original content and follow elementary rules like no duplicate content, proper canonical URLs, https, fast loading time, no keyword stuffing, and get organic (!) backlinks.
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    @24th-Dragon I wouldn't recommend sapper for svelte ssr (if that's what you're suggesting), it's not production ready and they won't continue developing it. Take a look at this video: https://youtu.be/qSfdtmcZ4d0 I don't fully remember what he talked about in this video, but Rich Harris said there won't be Sapper 1.0 and it seems that svelte does SSR out of the box now.
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    It's relevant for me too
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