Reasons to NOT be a dev sounds rather negative so I'd like to propose 3 things that you need to BE a dev as to frame it in a positive light:

- When a problem peaks your interest you want to solve it, you may even be obsessed by it.
- You enjoy learning, not necessarily enjoy school, just enjoy learning new things (even better if it's by your own means)
- Failure may get you down, but you learn and don't give up until you have exhausted all paths to success.

You may need other skills like math, logic and reasoning abilities, being able to handle deadlines, attention to detail, and cope with stress. I've seen people being crap at all of those and if they have the former 3 they, in time, will hone the others enough to make them a productive dev.

No need to be a 9-9-6 code monkey willing to be squeezed by Big Corp for massive profits and a low salary or a 1337 purist coder that only focuses on the crafting side of developing software. That may make you a great coder but not a well rounded developer or individual. Remember, you program machines but you are NOT one.

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    That was the topic last week.
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    @SortOfTested the UI told me otherwise 😘

    still sharing my 2 cents because why not. Unless you mean that last week was "reasons to be a dev" but my rant is about things you "need to be a dev" which imo if you don't have they are "reasons NOT to be a dev".
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    @SortOfTested Last week was reasons to be a dev. This post lists things that you need to be/have to be able to be a dev, which can be read like reasons not to be a dev.
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    @yowhatthefuck @sortoftested

    As I said above on my edited comment, I just framed it positively, it doesn't mean the list are reasons to be a dev (someone may have those but not be a dev) it's a list of things you NEED to be a dev and if you lack one of them then you maybe SHOULDN't be a dev. Still confused?
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    Yes. We're not here to be positive all the time. That's what twitter is for.
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    @junon thought Twitter was just for senseless political discussion and socialists, thanks for the info tho
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    Twitter is also a personal masturbatory device for developers who wish to only congratulate each other on the bug ridden messes of "code" with fancy branding and catchy names they release.
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    lets rename devrant to devpraise to stay positive
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    @kleopi low quality sarcasm doesn’t deserve praise
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