My dream project is to continue and improve my gaming website. It's a blog & community that's supportive of (but not limited to) female gamers. It's a positive place for gamers of any type to go, judgement free.

I have so many big ideas for the site, a forum, possibly user profiles, gaming quizzes and trivia, lots more ways to interact. I would love to do like a "find the right game for you" type of thing and have more time to blog..but I just simply don't have the time right now. :(

Baby steps for now. 🎮

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    Just out of curiosity only, why do you think female gamers need some kind of support?
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    This sounds like a fun project, I hope to see it complete one day :) !!!
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    @craig939393 to have a place to go where games are the focus and not looks or dudes hitting on women. Not that that isn't ok or anything but it can be overwhelming at times. I myself get interrupted non stop with messages during online game play or people flirt over the headsets, sometimes desperate and other times vulgar. It can be a lot. It's nice to have a break from it all and enjoy focusing on gaming and gaming only.

    It's just a really chill place and males are welcome and encouraged. We have about 6 male admins.
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    Continue the baby steps on a regular basis. Consistency works! Keep adding benefits. After 30 days it's amazing what can be accomplished. Good luck
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