Fuck stupid client.


Boss: client want to white label the solution.

Me: ok. They just need to create A record and send as SSL certificate and I will do it.

Client : here is your SSL certificate.

Me: spend whole night to make the transfer and setup server and check whole solutions one by one for reference to our company.

Next day wake around 2 pm to 100 whatsapp message, call from client and noss.

Turns out client IT team revoked the certificate without informing and the product stop working for all people.

Me: go to back to sleep.

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    The "go back to sleep" part was the best
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    Were you on a short deadline that you worked during the night or was it your preference? Because if it is your preference, then not being available half of the day is not good
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    @zemaitis i was working on Saturday and Sunday morning was deadline. (They were gonna do the final dry run on Sunday morning).

    And client asked for this at last minute.
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    @reactiveBasil I agree!! Omg chaos!
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    @marcus5914 Then its clients fault and your reaction seems good to me. Take care
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    Sorry said nothing ?
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    @r20408e122449d I was too much angry to say anything.
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