I'm definitely not a person who says or thinks of those things liberally, but.. I think I might have a ghost in my apartment :)

I have no other sane/rational way to explain all those noises...

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    Thermal expansion ☺️
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    @SortOfTested in a wooden cupboard (in a bag with coffee beans), On a chair with clothes, in a closet (the widest variety of sounds; including loud ones),.. And that thermal expansion is easily spooked by my voice and/or moving the noisy object. Yeah, that's surely plausible!

    I mean I could agree if it was the walls, ceiling, floor or anything other massive. But come on - a 500g coffee beans bag? really..? (identified the source reliably - moved the bag and the sound moved with it)

    And the noise is usually the same. You know that repetitive sound when a dog scratches an itch? It's like that, just very quiet. Quiet to the level where you have to hold your breath to hear it. But it's definitely there.

    My wife hears some of those noises too.

    And the cat is usually with us, sleeping at our feet.

    Roaches? I redid my apartment 100% last year. Did not leave a single gap - hydroisolated all of them. And a roach would not be able to get into the coffee bag that's sealed.
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    It's the russians who wage a secret war against the baltics. They're comming for you.
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    Definitely some critters
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    @netikras Toasted beans are highly vulnerable to changes in humidity.

    And demons.
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    @HiFiWiFiSciFi that is true. Though I have no idea how would humidity get past the seal
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    Wow 😁 after the dR img compression my fingers have turned out so.... Girly 😁
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