We just got forced to make new project in serverless

Current issues:
- Local development sucks a cock
- Everything feels different (in wrong way)
- Deployments are shitty
- Lack of tools

Give me back my EC2

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    Tried localstack?
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    that depends, serverless framework local plugin is good enough
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    Ah, AWS lambda, the horrified shit we use it the office too
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    Tried darklang?
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    ah yes, let's couple our product to a cloud provider for no reason
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    yeah, it's not working
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    Can someone explain the benefit of serverless and how it isn’t just a buzzword used to overcomplicate the deployment process? I’m the head of IT for 2 companies and I’ll never get rid of our scalable solutions in favour of server less. I code, push to a branch, and it gets pulled on the server with any other commands I want. I’m in control of every environment and have complete version control in the cloud via the repositories.
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    Oh dear, here we go again.

    Serverless isn't just some useless buzzword, it's an incredibly useful bit of of kit that enables you to massively scale up and down very quickly. In a previous job where we had unpredictable, incredibly spiky demands for batch payment processing, it was invaluable - we could instantly scale to thousands of running lambdas for a couple of minutes, then back down to nothing again as soon as that processing stopped. If it started again 5 minutes later, we could scale right back up, if it barely did anything for months on end, then we paid zilch.

    Is it useful for everything? No,of course not. If you're running a service with constant or predictable workload then better to go with Kubernetes or ECS in most cases. (Though I'd still use Fargate personally to avoid having to maintain the underlying nodes.)

    But damn, it's not useless just because it's new and you're not used to it. Skill up - moving with the times is required in this industry.
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    What does that meeean? 🤣
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    @redbastien true serverless like p2p has a lot of use cases that I'm sure you can imagine, the other kind I guess some form of scalability
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