I wonder how come we don't have a developers' "uniform" in the avatar builder's "shirt" list...

developer's uniform == hoodie

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    Also, how about bringing some WFH/corona material to the avatar builder, since it's now more or less our BAU?


    I'm thinking face masks (prolly as face expression), a baby crawling 'round / baby|toddler toys all over the place [like legos], a TV as a floor item, a webcam on the monitor, etc.
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    Face Masks were already asked

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    @theabbie I think I saw that request at least once, thank you. However, the other items - WFH ones - would still make sense :)
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    @netikras you can create feature request on their GitHub Repo, it will be easy to track the progress for them that way.
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    funny you say that, I rarely see hoodies at my work place, mostly normal shirts or button-up shirts
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    Hoodies are pretty rare in my workplace as well. Maybe under a single percent even.
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    We're two developers. 50% of us wear hoodies 24/7
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    I think Cybersec people should get military uniforms.
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    @Ranchonyx camouflage hoodies!
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    @netikras digital camouflage!
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    @Ranchonyx good point!
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    Hoodies would never work in my country; it's too fucking hot. My dev uniform is a pair of boxer shorts and a soft cotton shirt. Mmm..
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    Why would you wear a mask while wfh? And why would we want to glorify this terrible time by getting our avatars involved?
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    @spongessuck folks over here have to wear masks in offices. Some wfh, others wfo with masks. I guess this doesn't apply to all the countries, but at least some could relate sooner or later.

    And I don't mean to glorify it. dR's purpose is to "go and talk about our life as a programmer" [a quote]. It's just part of our life now, want it or not, like it or not. Want to pretend 2020 hasn't hit the fan? Cool, keep your current avatar. Noone's saying go and change it now ;)
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