Don’ t be afraid of saying “I don’t know”. It is a sign of strength, not weakness.

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    "Eh, I don't know... That sounds very weak to me."
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    People being too afraid or prideful to admit they don't know is the major reason a project I have worked on is going down the drain.
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    @Jilano there are two wolves in me, one is ga...

    Nah, I find myself suffering from this problem. One wolf forces me to guess/bullshit people to make them think I am more than what I really am. The other forces me to shut up if I don’t know. I hope second one wins every time.
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    I don’t know, man..
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    I don't know is better than being silent, fucking everything up and asking for help to fix the clusterfuck you produced.

    Cause that makes the problem that you created and that might have been avoidable another persons problem...
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    “Why did you light those orphans on fire?”

    I don’t know, man...
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    Yeah it takes too long to figure it all out
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    @Root Hänsel and Gretel...

    ?! (BlackLagoon)
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    @aviophile unfortunately it is not perceived that way by a lot of people. Lying about it is living in the edge.
    So if you have to say it say: i don't know yet.

    To go full philosophical on your ass. It depends on how much you don't know. At a certain point it's an insurmountable knowledge gap to perform (sysadmin that doesn't know what a backup is for example).
    Also ignorance is the great weakness/enemy of mankind. It is why we live in this imperfect world.
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    @Root Stop boundary testing my algorithm 😤
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    @aviophile I don’t know, man.
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    I'm strong as fuck, lol. I don't know shit.
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    @rutee07 your comment is my favorite comment on this post
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