Wooaaah job offer as cto and shareholer in startup... or senior developer in established business.

How can i even make that choice.

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    This.job = "CTO";
    This.job = "developer";
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    @Dane cto it is then
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    Is the startup will funded? If not, the choice is easy.
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    Do you belive in that the start up has a future / do you belive in their product
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    The startup is been going for a year and just had a £5m injection. Plus the startup role pays better and there is a car as well
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    I took the CTO job. Other then the real good salary i have a car, fuelcard, 1% share and i can pick my own hours including working from home up to 3 days a week.
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    @DarkMukke best of luck! You've got this and if you need any help in managing other workers let me know. I've got Ken Blanchard Situational Leadership 2 on a flash drive.
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