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    let's say it promotes openness of information
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    Bug as a Product
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    @asgs BaaS: "Bug as a Service"
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    Transparency as a service
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    Ohh is it an application that hasnt any security at all, like hasnt even any authorization. Because that that sounds awfully familiar.
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    @Frederick It does have authentication and it also works, it is just that the code is messy and there are always ways around almost anything.
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    @lamka02sk One of the spplications that was developed by a company that we have taken over, doesnt even have any kind of authorization sadly :/
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    @ostream free knowledge base
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    @lama02sk Are you working for Facebook? "We'll protect your information from hackers but sell it to any 3rd parties that want it." Like installing locks on your windows and doors but leaving them open
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