Indian web dev company (during the interview)::
We follow standards

Me:: Hey, can I get the project's github link so that I can fork it, do my tasks, run test cases, push and, make pull request that you can review, run integration test, and finally merge.

Indian web dev company:: What?? Here's the ftp credentials.


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    A few years ago my boss joined a company like that.

    Version control was pretty much folders on one guy's laptop....

    So many changes to make!

    Then I joined fortunately, after all that.
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    Are we talking flat files in a folder with no versioning?
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    I mean they at least follow RFC 959
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    Why the double colons and question marks?
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    @Root coz there's no grading system in place
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    @keith007 I’m grading you.

    Rant material: B
    Content: C+
    Spelling: A
    Punctuation: F

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    This was me when I started my current job.

    Except the FTP creds were to prod, no Dev environment, no version control, no documentation, no.... nothing, just a bunch of live sites and databases.
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    @Root horrible grading. You made him fit in every hot chick group (nerds to punks)😝
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    @yowhatthefuck My fried brain didn’t follow. 🙁
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    @irene Of course we do versioning
    - project
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    project 1
    project (copy)
    project 1-asdfasdf
    project (copy) 1
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    = COD5
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