Apple Silicon will FUCK the industry. You can mark my words.

I’m happy to live in the Apple Age.

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    If it forces CPU makers to ... umm ... compete. Then it will be glorious. Faster, more cores, more POWA!!!
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    We went down this road before, somehow came out the other side.
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    Agreed, the M1 chips looks insane.
    I might be getting myself a MacBook now.
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    @RememberMe is a person who knows a lot judging by our previous discussions. If they appreciate Apple M1, it’s probably worth your appreciation
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    Im just a tad concerned with Apple now integrating their T2 chip onto the processor. In terms of repairability a nightmare, in terms of harware security a good moove.
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    @JFK422 Apple does not have a concept for repairing things.
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    >ram built into the chip

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    Yeah, the only thing that sort of concerned me is an SoC makes the MacBook like a tablet. Erases the possibility of repair. Then I realised they're not repairable anyway. So whatever.

    However promising the numbers are, I'm not optimistic about the experience itself. Maybe my experience is unique, but I have a ton of trouble with Macs in that they're very unreliable. The T2 chip and the intel chips along with the touchbar made it so that when kernel panics occur (more often than you might think) they completely disable your device. Very recently my macbook refused to charge because it looked like all four thunderbolt ports refused to work. I've sort of concluded that a hackintosh is the way to go, you get the great software with some great hardware more or less of your choice.
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    I recall when the PowerPC was the "fastest computer in the world". It ran like molasses. But the Steves of the world still loved it.
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    This is one of the few times I hope Apple succeeds, purely for the positive knock on effects elsewhere. I'd rather like arm desktop CPUs to become a sensible option.
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